Specifications: 1909-1981 (Exceptions 1943, 1944, 45, some 1982 and 1983-Present)
Designer: Victor David Brenner, Diameter: 19 millimeters Metal content: Copper - 95%, Tin and Zinc - 5%, Weight: 48 grains (3.11 grams)

1943 Steel Cent Specifications:
Designer: Victor David Brenner, Diameter: 19 millimeters, Metal content: Steel - 100%, coated with a thin layer of Zinc, Weight: 42.0 grains (2.7 grams)

Cherry Picker's List:
Varieties-Errors-Key and Semi-Key Dates:                    
1943-S DDO
1943-S DDR
1943-S RPM
1944-D DDO
1944-D DDR
1944-D RPM
1944 DDO
1944 DDR
1944-S DDO
1944-S DDR
1944-S RPM
1945-D DDO
1945-D RPM
1945 DDO
1945 DDR
1945-S DDO
1945-S RPM
1946-D DDO
1946-D DDR
1946-D RPM
1946 DDO
1946 DDR
1946-S DDO
1946-S DDR
1946-S RPM
1947-D DDO
1947-D RPM
1947 DDO
1947-S DDO

Date        Mintage       AU58 MS64RD MS65RD MS66RD MS67RD

1958-D   800,953,300    .75       $1         $11        $18       $75   
1958-D Lincoln Cent Values
1954-D RPM
1954-S DDO
1954-S RPM
1955 DDO
1955 DDR
1955-D DDO
1955-D RPM
1955-S DDO
1955-S RPM
1956 DDO
1956-D DDO
1956-D RPM
1957 DDO
1957 DDR
1957-D DDO
1957-D RPM
1958 DDO
1958-D DDO
1958-D RPM
1958-D DDR

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