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The Most Valuable Coins

What's It's about coins and the numismatic value or financial aspect of coins, so I used coin as the prefix to financials and put them together as "coin-ancials". When you talk about the numismatic value of coins and the trends, you're talking coinancials.

Here you will be able to see the most valuable coins, listed with amount sold, what grading service, and variety and numbered from one through ten (when available). All coin series, denominations, types are represented. The values will be updated as often as feasible so you can stay abreast of what's the most valuable coins on the market.

What this site isn't. We list what a collector has paid for a coin in the recent past. These values are not the end-all value and we don't imply that this is the exact value of the coin. Values are fluid depending on the market, so use this as a guide and recource of interest only.

The current source for this information is coin auctions, and dealer to collector sales of graded coins, and a huge amount of research.

If you see an error, feel free to contact us at Thanks for visiting!

Most valuable coins
Tracking the numismatic value of the most rare US Coins on the market.