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Most valuable Half Cent US Coins
Most Valuable Three Cents
Silver (1851-73)
Nickel (1865-89)
American Silver Eagles
Silver Eagle (1986-Date)
Most valuable Large Cent US Coins
Most valuable Small Cent US Coins
Most valuable 2 Cent US Coins
Most valuable US 3 Cent nickel silver US Coins
Most valuable nickels US Coins
Most valuable dime US Coins
Most valuable Quarter US Coins
Most valuable Half Dollar US Coins
Most valuable Dollar US Coins
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Most valuable $1 gold US Coins
Most valuable $2.50 gold US Coins
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Most valuable $5 US gold coins
Most valuable $10 gold US Coins
Most valuable $20 Gold US Coins
Most valuable Silver Eagle US Coins
Most valuable Buffalo Eagle US Coins
Most valuable Platinum Eagle US Coins
Most valuable $3 US gold coins
Most valuable Gold Eagle US Coins
All coins listed are certified and graded coins by the thrid party grading services as follow: PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service), NGC Numismatic Guarantee Corporation. It's these two services that realize the highest values for certified coins and PCGS leads in housing the most valuable coins in the world, in their holders.

These two services almost single handedly created the high end coin market and the subsequent values of these high grade, ultra rarities, followed. However, I urge collectors to buy the coin and not the holder's label since no company is 100% accurate or consistant and coin grading is subjective at best.
The value lists on this website are compiled from certified and conditional rarity coin sells; a conditional rarity is a coin date, mint, type, denomination, and grade or variety that is most rare for that coin type, date and denomination. I included varieties since they're considered part of the collection and must be obtained to complete the collection.

For example, the 1969-D Lincoln Memorial Cent graded MS67 Red by PCGS is rare in that grade and has sold for up to $7,475.00. So the coin must be graded MS67 RD by PCGS; however there are some conditional rarities graded by NGC as well.

If you want to find the "money" or jackpot" coin then these lists will show you what to look for. If you need help with grading then check out our photograding guide or post an image on our forum and let our experts help you with the grade to see if it's worthy of a submission to PCGS or NGC.

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Liberty Cap Half Cent
Draped Bust Half Cent
Classic Head Half Cent
Braided hair Half Cent

Flowing Hair Large Cent
Draped Bust Large Cent
Classic Head Large Cent
Coronet Head Large Cent
Braided Hair Large Cent

Flying Eagle Small Cent
Indian Head Small Cent
Lincoln Wheat Small Cent
Lincoln Memorial Small Cent

Two Cent Shield

3 Cents Nickel
3 Cents Silver

Shield Nickel
Liberty V Nickel
Buffalo Nickel
Jefferson Nickel

Flowing Hair Half Dime
Draped Bust Half Dime
Capped Bust Half Dime
Seated Liberty Half Dime

Draped Bust Dime
Capped Bust Dime
Seated Liberty Dime
Barber Head Dime
Mercury Head Dime
Silver Roosevelt Dime

Seated Twenty Cent

Draped Bust Quarter
Capped Bust Quarter
Seated Liberty Quarter
Barber Head Quater
Standing Liberty Quarter
Silver Washington Quarter
State Washington Quarter

Flowing Hair Half Dollar
Draped Bust Half Dollar
Capped Bust Half Dollar
Seated Liberty Half Dollar
Barber Head Half Dollar
Walking Liberty Half Dollar
Franklin Head Half Dollar
Silver Kennedy Half Dollar

Flowing Hair Dollar
Draped Bust Dollar
Seated Liberty Dollar
Trade Dollar Dollar
Morgan Head Dollar
Peace Dollar
Eisenhower Dollar

Susan B. Anthony Dollar
Sacagawea Dollar
Presidential Dollar

US Mint Sets
US Proof Sets
Mint Error Coin
Coin Rolls
Collections / Lots
US Commemorative
US Colonial Coins

Buy Gold Coins

Liberty Type 1 $1 Gold
Indian Type 2 $1 Gold
Indian Type 3 $1 Gold

Classic Head $2.50 Gold
Liberty Head $2.50 Gold
Indian Head $2.50 Gold

Indian Princess $3 Gold

Classic Head $5 Gold
Liberty Head $5 Gold
Indian Head $5 Gold

Liberty Head $10 Gold
Indian Head $10 Gold

Liberty No Motto $20 Gold
Liberty Motto $20 Gold
Saint Gaudens $20 Gold