Most Valuable Morgan Silver Dollars 1878-1904 (1921)
To 10 Valuable Morgan Dollars By Date/Grade/Variety

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  1. 1895-O $1 MS67 PCGS. Sold For:  $575,000.00
  2. 1893-S $1 MS67 NGC. Sold For:  $546,250.00
  3. 1889-CC $1 MS68 PCGS. Sold For:  $531,875.00
  4. 1892-S $1 MS67 PCGS. Sold For:  $460,000.00
  5. 1896-S $1 MS69 PCGS. Sold For:  $402,500.00
  6. 1896-O $1 MS66 PCGS. Sold For:  $345,000.00
  7. 1893-O $1 MS65 Deep Mirror Prooflike PCGS. Sold For:  $258,750.00
  8. 1895-S $1 MS67 Deep Mirror Prooflike PCGS. Sold For:  $207,000.00
  9. 1891-CC $1 MS68 Prooflike PCGS. Sold For:  $195,500.00
  10. 1886-O $1 MS65 PCGS. CAC. Sold For:  $161,000.00

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Regular issue coins only; patterns of this series are excluded.

Source: Updated February 2014

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The Market Value At A Glance
The best thing about Morgan Dollars is how numerous they're and that means you can still buy uncirculated examples at affordable prices. Also the Morgan Dollar series increases in value over-time and this makes a good investment for silver hoarders and collectors. One thing of note, just don't over pay, and be weary of sales pitches that want you to think you need to buy now or lose out, or make claims they're selling Morgan Dollars that were just released.

All Morgan Dollars have already been released by the U.S. Mint so any further releases are by companies that call themselves everything from Coin Vault to GovMint and none of them are associated with or endorsed by the U.S. Government Mint. It's just a sales ploy to charge more for their coins.

If you just want silver bullion then the best buy is the most worn and damaged silver dollars since you're getting just about the same amount of silver but because the coin is ugly you can buy it for less. If you like great looking, brilliant, varieties (VAMs) or even toners then Morgan Dollars is the best choice for you. If you can buy them cheaper than $30, don't hesitate, if you find them $25-$27 or less then buy all you can afford!