1941-S Washington Quarter Values
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Date    Mintage       VF30   EF40   AU50   AU58   MS63   MS65   MS67  

1941-S 16,080,000       $9     $10      $15     $22       $27     $54    $2,530
1941-S Large S          $18      $25      $38     $49       $69    $322
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Specifications: Silver Quarters
1932-1964-(1992-S to Present Select Proof Sets Only)

Designer: John Flanagan

Diameter: 24.3 millimeters

Metal Content:
Silver - 90%
Copper - 10%

Weight: 96.6 grains (6.3 grams)

Edge: Reeded

Mint mark: None (for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) below the wreath on the reverse

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The Large S mint mark variety is identified not by size alone, but also by the shape of the mint mark. The Large S doesn't have the curves at the end of the serifs. The Large S is shown in the left hand image above.
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